Volunteers' Program

We accept practicum students from post-secondary institutions and work-experience students from Secondary Schools. We provide:

Our Volunteers represent a most valuable resource for our agency. We offer an opportunity to volunteer to our clients who are seeking to enter or re-enter the work force and we welcome anyone who is interested in volunteering in a multicultural counselling agency. Volunteers support our Administration staff by performing a variety of tasks, including photocopying, typing and helping at the reception desk. Volunteers help us to organize special projects and special events,. In collaboration with Revenue Canada-CVITP Program, our agency offers opportunity to CRA-licensed volunteers to run seasonal Income Tax Preparation Clinics.  However, we cannot offer counselling opportunities and direct access to clients.  We organize a yearly Volunteers' Recognition Get Together. We provide letters of reference after the completion of a required number of volunteer hours.


what the Women We Serve say About Us....

"There were many problems in my family. My husband was being abusive towards me. I know nothing about the law in Canada. I know nothing about Canada. When I went to this agency, I received tremendous amount of help. The workers here assist women with lots of love, affection, especially under such situations when women are going through difficult times in their lives. Whenever I go there, I talk to them; I feel I am one of them. That I don't feel alone.

VLMFSS has helped me to start a new life in the most difficult time. I do not have anybody close to me in Canada, no relatives, or friends I can turn to for help. This organization helped me in not feeling lonely, helpless and without support. Now my daughter and I feel happy. I regained my self-esteem. Thank you.

Struggles are a healing process. I have learned so much from interacting with you. Your patience, professionalism, support and responsibility helped me in dealing with things I would not be able to face alone. You walked me out of darkness and persecution.

In this agency, I have found support, hope and much help. I have found a worker and a friend who always helped me when I needed the most help. God bless you and all the other women working in this office. Thanks to everyone."

About the Leadership Training Program (Volunteers' Program)

I learned communication, as I am shy and afraid of public speaking and I learned more about myself. I can take a lot of what I learned where I can apply it day by day.

I liked the dialogue circles, different activities that we did during each session. Some of the invited guest speakers did very well to help me learn especially the Family Law and the job search. I particularly liked to hear Anna, the program facilitator, speak and last but not least, to connect with other women.

Now I learned how to control my anger. It is good for me because I was angry almost all the time. (On anger management session)


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