Frequently Asked Questions



Q What Services Do You Provide?

A Through our four programs, we provide a coordinated response to women and children experiencing family violence. Our Multicultural Outreach/Stopping the Violence Program provides individual and group counselling, helping women to cope with their emotions, nurture their self-confidence, get to know and access appropriate community resources. Our Children's Program helps children exposed to abuse and their mothers to rebuild a new, violence-free life. Through our Community Based Victim Services Program, we help women to feel supported and informed when accessing the legal and judicial system. The Volunteers' Program offers an opportunity to receive basic job-market readiness training, to attend educational workshops and join the two-month long Leadership Training Program. Women leaving abusive relationships will find a welcoming, non-judgmental environment at our agency. They will receive emotional support and will go with renewed confidence through their journey to rebuild their lives. We are immigrant, refugee, visible minority women helping other women and their families in our community to live a live without violence and fear.

Q How Do I Access Your Services?

A Simply call us at 604-436-1025, e-mail us at againstviolence@vlmfss.ca or come to our office and just ask for a worker who speaks your language. You will be connected to an Intake Worker and will then be referred to a worker from your community for an appointment and a first in-depth assessment. You can also access our services through a referral from a variety of sources, including hospitals, doctors, Transition Houses, personal friends and community members.

Q Is There A Cost?

A All of our services are free and confidential. We will continue to assist you as long as you need us.

Q How Long Do I Need To Wait To Receive Service?

A We strive to provide service as soon as possible. For emergency situations and for new clients, we have a 9-5, Monday through Friday Intake Service for immediate first assessment and emotional support. Our Multicultural Outreach/STV worker, after receiving your consent, will call or e-mail you to set up an appointment or to provide over-the-phone counselling within two days at the most.

Q How Many Sessions Will I Need For My Case?

A You will be able to discuss your situations and your plans for the future with your worker on a step-by-step approach. We are here to support you till the moment you will no longer need our help.

Q Do You Do Outreach?

A Yes, we provide counselling and support in the office, outside the office and over the telephone. We do not make home visits and prefer that the appointment is in the office. If however, the woman is unable to travel to the office, arrangements would be made to meet her at a mutually convenient location. We accompany and advocate for women in accessing various services especially those who are unable to speak in the English language.

Q How Can I Support Your Agency?

A We accept donations through our website donation button, or by cheque or cash. We are a registered charity and can issue income tax receipts. We also accept donations in kind, e.g.: gift baskets, gifts cards, new toys. We are unable to accept used furniture and used clothing.








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